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"A world where people with learning disabilities and autism are truly able to live their lives through opportunity and choice."

Welcome to Havencare


Supporting individual journeys through an outcomes focused pathway that empowers the person to realise their potential, make choices and direct their own life.


Havencare Homes and Support Limited is a registered charity. We provide support for people with learning disabilities and autism.


How can we help you?

Support Pathway

We have innovated a breakthrough outcomes focused Support Pathway© that is embedded in a planning and tracking system called 'Multi Me'

I am…
Exploring Engaging Establishing Evolving Empowered
exploring what it means to take responsibility for my home
engaging in ways to take responsibility for my home
starting to take control of my home
controlling my home & forming my home rules
responsible for my home
exploring ways to reduce my dependency
actively supported to develop new skills
actively supported to practice skills
starting to use skills independently
consistently using skills independently
exploring building relationships
engaging with people who are not paid to be in my life
establishing meaningful relationships
developing reciprocal relationships
maintaining relationships
exploring ways to reach out to what’s in my community
engaging in my community
establishing my community presence
contributing to my community
a valued member of my community
exploring my income & best use of my money
maximising my income & saving for the things I want
supported to use my money for the things I want
learning to handle & budget my money
managing my money
Meaningful Occupation,
Learning &
exploring ways to purposefully occupy my time
starting to engage in meaningful activities
establishing meaningful occupation of my time
evolving a sense of purpose
occupying my time with meaning & purpose
exploring learning options
starting to engage in learning
developing my knowledge & skills
linking my learning to my life
actively using my knowledge & skills
exploring work options
starting to get work experience
looking for permanent work roles
developing my potential & have a job
a valued member of my workplace & I am realising my potential
exploring risks in my life
starting to identify risks in my life
choosing to take some positive risks
developing my awareness of how to keep myself safe
taking positive risks and keeping myself safe
Health & Wellbeing
exploring ways to improve my health & wellbeing
engaging in activities to improve my health & wellbeing
learning about health & wellbeing to take control of my own needs
starting to make informed choices about my health & wellbeing
understanding the impact of my lifestyle choices on my health & wellbeing
Opportunity & Choice
exploring my opportunities & choices
developing my opportunities & choices
establishing my decision making
making informed decisions
Direction & Fulfilment
exploring ways to direct my support and plan my outcomes
engaging in directing my support to work towards my outcomes
actively directing my support to achieve my outcomes
evolving my outcomes to give me further fulfilment
directing my life and achieving fulfilment

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