Welcome to Havencare
Supporting and enabling people to live the lives they choose

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Our Vision

 “A world where people with learning disabilities and autistic spectrum conditions are truly able to live their lives through opportunity and choice. As citizens in their communities, all people will enjoy being an active part of society regardless of their individual needs” 


Our Mission

“Supporting individual journeys through an outcomes focused pathway that empowers the person to realise their potential, make choices and direct their own life.”


Our Strapline

“Life through opportunity & choice.”


Our Values

Our values are simple and clear and will transform culture. They flow through every decision we make and every action we take.

Transparency   –   “trust is built on telling the truth - truth never damages a cause that is just”

Engagement     –   “treat people like they make a difference and they will”

Quality              –    “don’t just do it, do it well”