"Life through opportunity & choice."

Our Strategy

Our Vision


“A world where people with learning disabilities and autism are able to live their lives through opportunity and choice.”


Our Mission


“Supporting individual journeys that empower the person to realise their potential and direct their own life.”


Our Values


Our values flow through every decision we make and every action we take:



 “trust is built on telling the truth”



“treat people like they make a difference and they will”



“don’t just do it, do it well”

 Strategic Drives 2018-2023


We have clear strategic drives underpinned by surviving and thriving in this most challenging of sectors:


Survive & Thrive


Be Outstanding


Attract, Retain & Engage our People


Have Presence & Impact

Our focus in our 5 year strategy is to continue our drive to be outstanding for each person we support. A huge part of this journey is attracting, retaining and engaging people and having the reach, presence and impact that makes a real difference to people with learning disabilities and autism.

To achieve our ambitious goals, we must survive and thrive in any operational, political and economic challenges to which our sector has grown accustom. We need to work in partnership to be more effective and efficient without compromising our drive for outstanding quality.

However difficult the external challenges become, we encourage action in Havencare and though our networks. It is action that breeds the confidence and courage needed to succeed, providing the best possible outcomes for the people we are here to support.



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