What We Do

In achieving our mission to be a truly person centred organisation, the people we support are placed at the heart of everything we do.

In this way, we are not simply providing a range of services, we are helping people to live the lives they choose.

In practice, this involves helping our service users to plan their own lives, the support they receive and how they receive it.

Creating a plan is a fun process that encourages people to look at their lives as they are now and plan a path to achieving their dreams.

The plan can be in any format, and our experienced facilitators are on hand to help - family, friends and others can also get involved.

We provide all service users with a tailor-made person centred support plan that covers every area of support provided. This process is embedded in our support planning and we use many of the same tools to gather the information we need to make sure we get the support package just right.

The plan is is easy to understand to help people engage in planning and voicing their likes, dislikes and any changes. It tells the support team how people want to be supported and how to help them do the things they need and want to do each day to achieve their dreams.

Active support is the way we help people to engage in meaningful activity and relationships. Instead of simply doing things, it involves creatively enabling people to take part in the activities of everyday life, no matter how difficult they may appear. This approach enables people to try new things at a pace they are comfortable with until they have built up the confidence, understanding and skills to try more.

Havencare has vast experience in supporting people who have previously challenged services and require very high support needs. People who once lived in hospital settings now live successfully in their own homes and have become valued members of their communities. We achieve this by delivering support that values and builds on people's interests, skills and abilities, promoting self-esteem, dignity and respect. We look carefully at people's communication skills and empower them to gain control over their home environment and their daily lives. When this is achieved we have found that a person's need to display challenging behaviour can disappear.

Havencare fully supports the Person Centred Planning Charter.