Support Services

Havencare recognises and values each person as an individual, so the support provided is truly bespoke, person-centred and tailored to individual needs.

A range of services is offered, from providing a few hours of help each week in people's own homes to fully managed residential care settings.

Supported Living Service

Supported living is about enabling people to live in their own home, for those who choose to live alone, with a friend or in a shared house with a group of like-minded people. Havencare can provide support for people to think about all the important choices they have, to make sure they find a home where they can be happy and successful. We can help search for the right property and secure a tenancy through local housing authorities or private landlords.

It may be that just a few hours support a week is needed to help with certain activities such as paying bills or cooking, or there may be have more complex needs that require 24 hour support. More support may be needed to begin with, which can be reduced as confidence grows and skills develop. Havencare can provide a truly person-centred service, tailored to individual needs and wishes. Havencare can help with choosing a support team, finding people with the necessary personalities and similar interests. We will provide the team with training tailored specifically to provide the best quality support.

We can help with finding and using assistive technology, equipment that will helps people become more independent with activities like opening and closing doors, choosing TV channels, turning lights on and off, removing plugs and getting help. We have found that even the most simple and inexpensive pieces of equipment can have huge outcomes for people, making a massive difference to peoples lives.

Residential Care

Havencare believes that each individual has the right to choose how they live and with whom, and that group living may be the service of choice for some people.

The quality of Havencare's residential provision ensures that each person has an individually tailored support package, using person-centred planning and active support

While many people want the opportunity to live in a home of their own, this is not right for everyone. While the ethos of residential care has changed significantly, Havencare believes there is still a place for small group homes. People living in our residential homes are provided with the same opportunities to learn and enjoy as those living within our supported living service. We will help people - or those acting on their behalf - creatively plan to:

  • Set goals and do things that have a purpose and are meaning
  • Do things in ordinary places that most members of the community would be doing.
  • Be a part of the community by meeting local people, developing friendships and connections and building a sense of belonging.
  • Work to earn money or learn, by volunteering, attending classes or going on training.
  • Do leisure activities and hobbies that they enjoy and have the confidence to try new things.
  • Look after their home and be as independent as they can.


We currently have a space for an individual with a learning disability to join our Deanbrook Residential Home in South Brent, Devon.

This is a great opportunity to be supported by a fantastic, caring team in a warm accessible bungalow. Popular features include single level access, a large beautiful garden with a sensory/activity annex, off-road parking, and a comfortable single bedroom with private toilet and washbasin. Shared areas include a bathroom (with hoist), a modern accessible shower-room, a large kitchen, a living room and a large conservatory.

This opportunity would best suit you if you are a relatively sedentary individual who may be more senior in years (but young at heart!). You may be a person who enjoys a comfortable home, but also likes accessing the local traditional Devon village community (including friendly café, pub and shops). You will be living with four other ladies with various support needs over 24 hours. There is opportunity for this support to be shared, making the most of your personal budget.

If you are interested, or know someone who could be.... please contact Deanbrook Service Manager, Mary Poyser (; 01364 72446 or Head Office on 01752 251476.