"Life through opportunity & choice."

Our Strategy

We have set challenging and exciting objectives for the next 3 years to revolutionise our thinking, to develop our services, to deliver outstanding quality (Objective 1). We have redefined our values with a simple message of transparency, engagement (Objective 2) and quality. Our vision and mission has been revisited and refocused to better represent our direction with the innovation of our new ‘Support Pathway’. This Pathway is the perfect framework to develop our young persons’ provision to bridge the gap in transitioning from children’s to adults services (Objective 3). We want to support people on an individual holistic journey that evolves with their circumstances, understanding that life never stands still. Our ultimate goal is to empower people to take control of every possible part of their lives, however large or small that part of life is perceived to be by others. We want to plan the future of our services with this mission at the heart of all our decision making (Objective 4).
To achieve our ambitious goals we must stabilise our finances, helped by diversifying our income through direct payments (Objective 5), in turn becoming less reliant on commissioning frameworks. To deliver added value with our Charity status, we will engage with the person’s circle of support and their wider community. We will provide education programmes to raise awareness and build community-led opportunities for true integration and citizenship. Alongside our commitments to resourcing access to online services, and improved pay terms for our frontline workers, this will require investment. Whilst encouraging corporate sponsors and individual philanthropy through our networks, success in these areas will largely derive from our ability to be efficient and generate a surplus for re-investment (Objective 6).

Our Vision
 “A world where people with learning disabilities and autistic spectrum conditions are truly able to live their lives through opportunity and choice. As citizens in their communities, all people will enjoy being an active part of society regardless of their individual needs”  
Our Mission
“Supporting individual journeys through an outcomes focused pathway that empowers the person to realise their potential, make choices and direct their own life.” 
Our Strapline
“Life through opportunity & choice.” 
Our Values
Our values are simple and clear and will transform culture. They flow through every decision we make and every action we take. 
Transparency  – “trust is built on telling the truth - truth never damages a cause that is just”

Engagement  – “treat people like they make a difference and they will”

Quality   – “don’t just do it, do it well”



Key Objectives and Priorities 2015-2018
1. To build our quality to achieve and sustain a Care Quality Commission rating of OUTSTANDING across each registered service in Devon, Plymouth & Cornwall
2. To achieve a Net Promoter Score of 60%+ from Our Staff, People We Support, & Circles of Support
3. To develop and establish a respite & transition service for young people with learning disabilities to move seamlessly  from children’s services to adult services
4. To plan the long term future for our Residential Services to meet our mission statement
5. To increase our income from Direct Payments to 20% of Supported Living Services annual turnover
6. To stabilise the Charity’s finances and ability to re-invest with minimum 1.3% surplus each year

Our Commitments
During this time period, in line with the success of the above objectives, we will be committed to: 
Our Environment
Havencare (South West) is committed to reducing our impact on the environment. In addition, we will provide support for our beneficiaries to raise their awareness of emissions and energy efficiency in their homes and day to day lives. 
Our target is to reduce our relative carbon footprint each year, consider environmental factors in organisational decision making and support people to lower their energy consumption (and bills!), raising their awareness of the environmental impact of decisions they make.
Head office has a specific target of moving to a paper-light system and recycling all possible materials. This will include electronic documentation and not printing unless absolutely necessary. Also scanning any archived documents and then shredding/recycling the paper copies.
Key to Success
We feel we have innovated a breakthrough outcomes focused support pathway that is embedded in a planning and tracking system that is holistic but genuinely applicable to the specific individual outcomes that are important to people. We are excited to be driving forward with the following Support Pathway in 2015-2018 with the planning and tracking of support through iPLANit…. 


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