CQC Inspection


CQC visited Cornwall on 16th January 2018. Angela (Operations Executive) and Stacie (Practice Leader) led the office visit, then the inspector Lynda Laney went out to visit a couple of the amazing individuals that use Havencare's services, thank you to those individuals and their support that made our inspector feel very welcome in your homes and shared your experiences of being part of Havencare. We are still awaiting our final report; however, the inspector did share some information with us about her findings! She feels that Havencare offer an excellent service in Cornwall and identified some of the strong areas which were:

  • One individual said- “these are the best support workers I have had for a while and I am glad I met them”
  • Everyone explained they were happy to report any concerns and felt they were listened to.
  • Good feedback from relatives - felt that their relative’s life had been better since Havencare were involved, liked the open communication that Havencare has and feel they are able to speak with anyone in the team or either Stacie or Angela.
  • Individuals felt in control of their support and felt they were the lead in this.
  • Staff are happy – they liked open communication approach and felt they could talk to everyone (including CEO)
  • Robust systems in place with good level of information about every individual - IPlanit system was very good and being used well.
  • When everyone (individuals/staff/relatives) were asked “if you could wish for one thing to be better what would be it?” everyone answered that they couldn’t think of anything.

We are truly grateful for the amazing individuals that use our service and for the dedicated teams that work for Havencare – the inspector has said that Cornwall will keep a good rating across all key lines of enquiry but she also saw areas of outstanding! We are hoping that these are reflected in the report once we have received it! 


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